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We offer high quality cleaning services

Serving the community in Colorado

Who we are?

We are a local business in Colorado Springs and its surrounding, founded in 2017 , with the purpose of helping people to enjoy their clean home and building, freeing them from the stress caused by dust and dirt at a reasonable price.


At Eagle Cleaning we offer high quality cleaning services under the rules of OSHA and with a high sense of responsability fufilling in time and according to your requirements.


Seek to create value for our customers, directing our actions to the constant search for excellence with a wide service disposition and based on the principles of respect, honesty and loyalty.

By complying with the above, we contribute to the development and improvement of the quality of life of society with all members of our organization and to strengthen the trust of our clients.


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Move in / move out

Mostradores de granito, nuevos armarios y electrodomésticos, y modernas luces y accesorios. Dos dormitorios, un baño.

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The Legacy

Se incluye un espacio de estacionamiento seguro, protegido por el portón. Lavandería operada con monedas en el mismo lugar. Reciente renovación de la cocina. Un dormitorio, un baño.

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The Cottage

Pisos de madera en todos los cuartos, cocina moderna, calor por gas, un montón de espacio en los placares y un baño y cocina recientemente remodelados.